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Letter to our customer

Established in 1992, KOICC has grown as a leading distributor of global luxury beauty
products such as fragrances & Skin Cares in Korea.

KOICC's Marketing and Sales forces are working as a partner of the foreign Brand
owners and manufacturers with sincere respect for the brands we distribute.
This attitude led us to build a strong image of "brand builder" in local market of

We truly give our full esteem and passion to the brand we handle to stabilize
the products into the local beauty market. KOICC always try to seek the best way to
conduct effective marketing strategies, communication and merchandising skills as
well as sales for the brand. Based upon strong relationship and long-lasting part-
nership KOICC has built with good partners, KOICC will continuously pursue a good
work of establishing brands with a broaden recognition for our existing or potential

It is also a very crucial duty for KOICC to provide Korean local consumers
with global quality goods to broaden Korean end-users' range of options.

With professional marketing, sales and logistics skills, KOICC promises fruitful result
and long-lasting partnership as well as good customer relationship in Korean market with you.